APC Cabinets

APC & BIU Cabinets in Shreveport, LA

Signal Equipment Company South is your preferred partner for APC cabinets and BIU cabinets, offering sales of professional equipment from our base of operations in Shreveport and South Shreveport, LA. Our specially designed traffic control cabinets protect sensitive components from the elements and ensure reliable operation of traffic signals and lights.

The Benefits of TS2 and APC Cabinets

Our ATC and TS2 cabinets afford flexibility and advanced features if you want to add them into the design of the traffic control system. We can assist you in finding the best solution for any trafficked intersection. Benefits include:

  • Ability to operate cutting-edge traffic control functions
  • Maximizing cabinet applications
  • Providing flexibility to add new features

Cabinet Monitoring

The traffic signal monitor is a key element within the controller cabinet that ensures safe operation of a signalized intersection. Eberle Design Inc. (EDI) provides signal monitors that meet the requirements of monitoring six, twelve, or sixteen channels and a troubleshooting tool to quickly recognize and repair problems should they occur.

EDI’s design meets all the standards of NEMA TS1 and includes enhanced features for monitoring dual indications, clearance timing and power fluctuations. The MMU16E has been designed to meet both NEMA TS1 and TS2 standards. All events are logged with time/date stamped for each occurrence. EDI also provides the capability for access with a computer, using Windows-based software that provides excellent user information about monitor status and archived event logs.

In the ATC cabinet the CMU has the capability for 32 channels of the cabinet’s outputs. Adding the ADU provides the cabinet display capability for the CMU and access to the EDI SmartMonitor Badge Registered outline (registered trademark) technology.

Inquire About APC and BIU Cabinets

Signal Equipment Company South is your partner in transportation safety in Louisiana, providing APC cabinets and BIU cabinets that are trusted by transportation system integrators and traffic signal operation teams. Learn more about our quality cabinets, signal hardware, and pre-timed controller parts today by calling 318-222-7373.

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