Signal Hardware in Shreveport, LA

Signal Equipment Company South fabricates a large variety of traffic signal parts and equipment mounting hardware from our home base in Shreveport and South Shreveport, LA. We provide premium quality traffic hardware, and our expertise in the industry provides us with cutting-edge knowledge that we use in every product we design and manufacture.

General Mounting Hardware

Our Louisiana fabrication facility creates high-quality signal hardware and signal parts that provide flexibility for a variety of mounting installations:

  • Rigid mounting.
    Our Mast-O-Bracket, CM-42, is designed to be very versatile for rigidly mounting traffic signal.
  • Wire mounting.
    Used for flashing beacons in the center of intersections or for temporary traffic installations, we manufacture span wire hangers that can be used in high-wind areas.
  • Pole mounting.
    We fabricate high-strength components and corrosion-resistant hardware for side-of-pole mounting assemblies that ensure long-term reliability.
  • Bracketing solutions.
    Our mounting brackets provide convenient wire way access to protect electrical wires and cables.

Steel strain and metal traffic support poles

The need for quality supports to install traffic control devices on are essential for the correct placement of the devices. Suspension of devices from of span wire attached to strain poles or rigidly attached to cantilever-type supports (mast arm poles) up to 70′ are the typical types of installations for metal traffic support poles.

Inquire About Signal Parts

Signal Equipment Company South proudly manufactures high-quality traffic hardware to support a wide variety of mounting options. Contact us at 318-222-7373 for more information about signal hardware, pre-timed controller parts, and school zone signs we offer to support your mounting needs.

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