Traffic Signal Cabling in Shreveport, LA

Signal Equipment Company South is Shreveport and South Shreveport, LA’s leading traffic signal cable provider. We offer a range of road traffic signaling cables manufactured to strict standards. Our cables provide the connection between traffic signal equipment and other similar applications, to ensure functionality at all times. We also provide peripheral mounting hardware to ensure cabling is organized and protected, for installations that work effectively for years with little-to-no maintenance required.

IMSA Cable and Wire

From our home base in Shreveport, LA, Signal Equipment Company South supplies traffic signal cabling to municipalities throughout the country. Our standard and custom cables are approved by the International Municipal Sign Association (IMSA).

IMSA cabling is used in public safety systems, including control of traffic and roadway signaling equipment as well as many other public safety and other communication applications. Our traffic signal cable providers have extensive knowledge of cabling to help you design a custom setup that meets IMSA specifications with custom color codes.

Custom Cabling Specifications

Our wire and cabling solutions in Louisiana meet IMSA specifications from stock, allowing for quick turnaround times for projects and significant savings. We design custom cabling solutions that can address specific needs. We can help you select the right cable that has a longer lifespan, reduced down time and/or cost reduction. Our cables can be fitted with various shielding, insulation and jacketing materials to meet the requirements of your specific applications, while still maintaining IMSA compliance.

Inquire About Traffic Signal Cabling

Signal Equipment Company South is your resource for traffic signal cabling. Our traffic signal cable providers are ready to assist you, whether you need standard cabling or a custom solution that meets IMSA standards. Discuss your cabling solution today with our knowledgeable staff at 318-222-7373. We’ll help you ensure the long-term reliability of traffic indicators, right down to pedestrian push buttons, vehicle signal indicators, and the wiring that powers them.

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