Campbell Push Buttons in Shreveport, LA

Pedestrian push buttons are used in conjunction with pedestrian signals to promote intersection safety. Signal Equipment Company South is Shreveport and South Shreveport, LA’s premium retailer of Campbell push buttons, taking beacon communication to a whole new level. We offer a wide variety of pedestrian push buttons, for systems that are accessible and provide intelligent communication to pedestrians crossing the intersection using audible indications.

Pedestrian Safety Solutions

One of our featured products is the APS Beacon and Base Broadcast Unit (BBU). It’s a revolutionary product that promotes pedestrian safety and alerts when it’s safe to cross. The APS Beacon provides a tone to the pedestrian from a second speaker location near the pedestrian display. The sound is aimed towards the center of the crosswalk. Pedestrians place a call at the push button, and the beacon is able to broadcast “Walk” and “Clearance” phase tones as the pedestrian makes their way through the crosswalk. Several different “Clearance” tones are available including:

  • Destination target
  • Alternating (ping pong) tones
  • Audible countdown
  • Other specialty tones

The APS Beacon can also operate as a BBU to provide important information that helps pedestrians safely cross intersections with audible indications when the “Walk” display is active. The BBU is designed to work in areas where there’s no pedestrian activation, and is mounted below the pedestrian display while audible walk indications are broadcast above pedestrian indication points.

Inquire About Campbell Push Buttons

Signal Equipment Company South is the leading retailer of high-quality Campbell-brand pedestrian push buttons and vehicle and pedestrian signal indicators in Louisiana that promote intersection safety for pedestrians. Learn more about the benefits of this innovative product by contacting us today at 318-222-7373. We’re here to educate you on these products, to ensure maximum pedestrian safety at all times, regardless of the intersection in question.

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