Pedestrian Signal Indicators in Shreveport, LA

Signal Equipment Company South promotes pedestrian safety at signalized intersections with reliable pedestrian signal indicators, fabricated from our home base in Louisiana. We produce visual indicators including walk/don’t walk alerts that communicate information to aid the safe crossing of pedestrians. We’re the leading manufacturer of solar-powered signal indication for pedestrians.

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Solar-Powered Signals

Conservation has become a leading requirement in managing traffic control equipment operation. Solar power offers several advantages that includes less installation expense, no scheduling delays, and quick return on equipment investment. Many municipalities are finding that making the switch to solar is a no-brainer. Our quality solar-powered signals are built to last, and we offer a variety of mounting options for all installation types.

Solar traffic lights are equipped with LED lamps which are more reliable and energy-efficient when compared with other signal models equipped with traditional CFLS. LED bulbs also provide a longer lifespan and turn on and off quickly, which is especially important in any situation involving pedestrian safety.

Our solar-powered signal indication for pedestrians have a specialized enclosure that contains the battery and all control panel circuitry. Since solar panels use an auxiliary power source, solar-powered signals give you confidence that signals will always work even during power outages.

Easy Retrofitting and Mounting

We provide everything you need to add solar-powered signals to traffic and pedestrian poles in Shreveport and South Shreveport, LA. We offer a wide variety of durable mounting frameworks that cover a wide range of mounting needs. Mounting hardware is available for rigid mast arm, side of pole, and top of pedestrian pole. Every framework features durable, long-lasting construction, and we’re able to customize frameworks to your exact specifications.

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Promote intersection and pedestrian safety with dependable and durable pedestrian signal indicators from Signal Equipment Company South. Learn more about the benefits of our quality manufacturing process for signal indication for pedestrians, as well as our other pedestrian safety equipment (including light rail signal indicators and traffic cameras), by calling us today at 318-222-7373.

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