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Enercon Motors in Shreveport, LA

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Enercon Model 45 Rotary Drive

Enercon’s 45 Rotary Drive offers highly accurate, reliable, low-cost rotary positioning with a unique combination of operating features. It’s designed to function at 120V–60hz ranges, making it ideal for classic traffic indicator systems. We supply these rotary drives to customers specific to their system and can make sure you have the component you need to ensure reliable functionality at all times.

Key benefits

  • Instant start, instant stop with full torque, no clutch or brake, no override
  • Accommodates up to 15 lbs. axial thrust; up to 5 lbs. radial thrust loads
  • Direct, slow speed rotary motion without gears
  • No radio interference
  • Permanent lubrication
  • High impedance protection

Additional Control System Motors Available

In addition to Enercon’s 45 Rotary Drive, we also offer additional control system motors to ensure indicator systems remain powered and functional. Contact our Louisiana office to learn about the various units available that will operate on different voltages. Single unit or double units are available.

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Signal Equipment Company South provides reliable Enercon motors for a variety of traffic control applications. Call us today at 318-222-7373 to learn more about Enercon motors or the various other continuous duty, impedance-protected motors we offer and how to leverage them into unparalleled reliability for pedestrian and vehicle indicator systems. We also offer highway control cabinets and traffic signs.

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