School Zone Signs in Shreveport, LA

School zone signs ensure that drivers are aware of school zones, keeping children safe. Signal Equipment Company South fabricates high-quality, dependable school zone traffic signs from our home base in Shreveport and South Shreveport, LA. Our crossing signs and beacons keep kids, parents and crossing guards safe with highly visible beacons.

Conventional School Zone Traffic Signs

Conventional school zone traffic signs attract attention and enhance traffic safety in school zones. While school zone traffic signs are generally identified by regulatory signs and with beacons, each jurisdiction has a specific design and requirements.

Our fabrication facility in Shreveport, LA creates school zone signs according to your exact specifications, ensuring you remain MUTCD compliant in nearly any type of traffic situation. Contact us in Louisiana with your specific needs and we can provide the equipment to meet requirements.

Solar Powered School Zone Signs

Our solar powered school zone signs attach to poles and feature a cabinet for solar controls, batteries and flasher. The standard school zone speed limit indicator is supplied and can be customized to the specific requirements of your jurisdiction—simply specify speed limit when ordering, as any regulatory legend can be used according to your requirements. When exposed to full sun all year, you ensure the signal has a reliable power source at all times. Additional specifications include:

  • Standard four-inch pole that can be provided in lengths of seven, ten and twelve feet
  • Standard pedestal base for 12Âľ-inch bolt circle
  • Twelve-inch LED amber indicators
  • Signal head location and arrangement as required

Inquire About School Zone Traffic Signs

Signal Equipment Company South provides you with unprecedented approaches to slowing speeding drivers with reliable conventional and solar-powered school zone traffic signs and indicators. Learn more about your options for LED signs, Enercon motors, and more today; contact us at 318-222-7373.