Pre-Timed Controller Parts

Pre-Timed Controller Parts in Shreveport, LA

Signal Equipment Company South produces specially designed pre-timed controller parts for Kentron controllers. Pretimed controllers are ideal for dense grid street networks where traffic is highly predictable and constant over long periods of time. Ensure safety for drivers and pedestrians with our reliable pretimed controller parts, fabricated in-house in Shreveport and South Shreveport, LA.

Kentron Flashers

In addition to providing all parts for the Kentron KST controller we have available flasher subbases and solid-state flashers. Mates with the Crouse-Hinds sub-base to replace models used in Automobile Traffic Controllers, or electromechanical models. There are no electrical contacts to wear out or need replacement.

Kentron KST 3000 and KSN 110/120 Controllers

We’re proud to be a leading fabricator of Kentron controller parts. Controllers are currently built to provide pretimed operation in two versions, with 30 and 10/12 circuits. The cam provides 16 intervals to enable various sequences, or allow two or more cycles for each revolution of the cam stack. Maintenance parts are available; some are interchangeable with Crouse-Hinds PCE 3000.

Inquire About Kentron Controller Parts

Signal Equipment Company South fabricates high-quality Kentron controller parts in Louisiana that ensure the reliability of pre-timed traffic control signals in dense grid street networks. Call us today at 318-222-7373 to learn more about pre-timed controller parts, school zone signs, LED signs, and more.

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