McCain Traffic Control Cabinets Offer Versatility, Reliability and Cutting-Edge Technology

Traffic cabinets perform an important function—they help regulate traffic signals, which in turn manages how people drive through cities, over highways and more. If you have stoplights and other traffic signals in your area, you’ll need a safe and reliable traffic control cabinet. At Signal Equipment Company South, our signal equipment manufacturing experts love McCain traffic cabinets and accessories. They’re versatile and dependable, which means you’re less likely to experience issues over the years.

Here’s an overview of traffic control cabinets, and the benefits of McCain cabinets.

What is a traffic control cabinet?

A traffic control cabinet is like the “nerve center” for traffic signals. These cabinets can handle everything from traditional red light/green light traffic signals, to bicycle traffic signals, guided crosswalks and more. Each cabinet can be completely customized for your uses, whether you’re guiding pedestrians, vehicles, trains or other modes of transportation.

Control cabinets range in size, but the more complicated they are, the bigger they get—some are about the size of a refrigerator. This offers the opportunity for more complex systems and increased input/output lines. Generally, one cabinet can run the signals for one intersection. Additionally, a single traffic cabinet can control multiple types of signals at the same time. It’s always smart to leave room for upgrades and improvements, especially as we embrace multiple modes of transportation.

Why use a traffic control cabinet?

For the most part, the days of a single stoplight at an intersection are gone. Today, we have to take bicyclists, pedestrians, school zones, train traffic and more into consideration. Timing traffic signals to allow for the flow of traffic can be a difficult and complex task. McCain’s ATC cabinets make it possible to group these signals together for easy repair, adjustments and maintenance.

Benefits of McCain traffic control cabinets

Security is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to traffic control cabinets, which is why we proudly offer McCain cabinets. This company has upgraded their traffic control cabinets from DOS programming—which is outdated and easy to hack—to updated and more secure programming. The company offers over 300 different types of cabinets, which can be intelligently programmed to suit all of your needs.

McCain cabinets come with features like efficient power management, multiple input and output channels, CCTV upgrades, multiple controller types and more. Depending on your municipality’s specific needs, we can recommend a cabinet type, then completely customize it to suit your wishes.

When you need traffic control cabinets, turn to the experts

The team at Signal Equipment Company South is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and supplying superior traffic signal equipment. We know that vehicle and pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance to you. That’s why we work with reliable companies like McCain. Our goal is to keep your citizens safe while regulating the flow of traffic—and making it all easier on your repair and maintenance techs.

For more information about Signal Equipment Company South and our traffic cabinets, reach out to our expert signal equipment manufacturing team today.